In-Time Shipment:
Our ceaseless and sincere effort always goes to ensure high class quality and in-time shipment. Since we believe in crystal clear views and straight-forwardness, we provide our clients a Critical Path Method (CPM Method) how goods will be shipped in the required / given to have clear direction of merchandising the goods.
If any stage of the path is affected, our immediate attention and action goes to adjust this in very next stage. Our motto is - No way to compromise set / required / aspired quality level.

Delivery Time:
Delivery terms are based on the date of reception of your L/C, not on order confirmation date. For Knitted garments, usually 60 days + transit time, 45 days possible depending on quality and situation.

Shipment Mode and Transit Time:
On FOB or C&F basis upon request available for both FCL and LCL shipments by sea or by air. Transit time from Bangladesh to European ports: 3 to 4 weeks by sea, 1 week by air.

Payment Terms

Payment of L/C : At Sight as per negotiating bank's instruction
L/C Availability with/by : Credit is available with any bank in Bangladeshi negotiation at sight
Type of Documentary Credit : Irrecoverable and transferable
Trams Shipment : Allowed
Bill Clause : Full set clean on board original bill of lading issued unto the order of negotiating bank and endorsed by the same bank in favor of L/C opening bank and marked freight collect
Presentation of Documents : 21 days from the date of bill lading
ICC Publications No : L/C must be subject to UCPDC 1993 revision ICC